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Greetings! I'm Mathieu Santostefano, an ardent open-source developer with nearly 15 years in the realm of web development. 💻🚀

In my coding journey, PHP - mostly with Symfony - has been my playground. Proudly serving as a Core Team member of Symfony since 2021, my favorite components are the Serializer, HttpClient, Messenger and Translation. 🧱🌐

Beyond the code, I am the mind behind Sleepr, the indispensable sleep scheduler tailored for macOS. Crafted with Swift and SwiftUI, it not only fills a gap but also stands as a testament to my commitment to hands-on learning. 🌙🛠️

Jump into this coding adventure with me! Your support powers the creativity that turns code into practical solutions. Let's work towards a future where technology serves a meaningful purpose. 🚀

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